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Rules and process

​Please read these rules carefully before commissioning me, it'd be assumed that you accept all of them once you're in the waiting line.

  • All my commission's listing prices and payments are in TWD.

  • I have to full rights to decide whether I want to take your commission or not.

  • The copyright of the artwork belongs to me, I can decide where to use/post the work.

  • All commissions I do can be used in both personal and commercial use cases, no additional charges required.

  • I will stream and post commissions I have done from time to time, please let me know if you want yours to be private, notice that this kind of demand will be charged. 

  • What you'll get when I finish your commission:

    • uncompressed original image files (uncensored)

    • PSD file with all the working layers intact without being combined

    • Timelapse videos of my working progress

  • I won't be doing these kinds of types for now:

    • Characters with too many muscles, old people. (Won't take all forms of commssions of these)

    • Furries (Only not taking Live2D model illustration commission of these)

    • If you are not sure/have questions about where my line is, feel free to DM me to ask more!!

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