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~Past Works~

~Canvas Sizes and Prices~


Copic Shikishi Illustration Board (S)

  • Size: 120×136×2mm
  • ​Price: 9000 TWD
    (About 300 USD)
  • ​Shipping: Not included

Copic Shikishi Illustration Board (M)

  • Size: 182×212×2mm
  • ​Price: 12000 TWD
    (About 400 USD)
  • ​Shipping: Not included

Copic Shikishi Illustration Board (L)

  • Size: 242×273×2mm​
  • ​Price: 18000 TWD
    (About 600 USD)
  • ​Shipping: Not included

~Rules and Processes (Marker Pen)~

  • Unlike my regular digital commissions, editing and fixing sketches physically is hard and not feasible. Thus there will be no sketch discussion and fix for my marker pen commissions.

  • Please tell me the ideas you have in mind​ FULLY when discussing, I will discuss with you in text, and start working on it after I receive the full payment.

  • I have the rights to share your commission work during, and after it's done, in any kind of format. Please let me know if you want this to be private, or want me to delay sharing/posting it before I give you a quote, as there will be an additional fee for doing this. It is assumed that you accept this to be a public work if you don't require this before the quoting process.

  • I will send you a digital photo of the work when it's done, please tell me your contact info (name, phone number, address, email) so I can calculate the shipping price. Physical work will be send using DHL.

  • Please refer to the diagram below for the process of commissioning a marker pen artwork from me.

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